What’s goin’ on in here?

by Tom Lotito

Hello. I know. Over two months of not blogging and all you get is a “hello.” Let’s sit down and talk this over. Or why don’t you sit down, read this post, imagine me talking at you on the phone and then immediately hanging up without letting you get one word in. That sounds better, don’t it?

So, yes. Two months. Let me think of some of the things that happened in that time to me…

Not much.

I wrote some stories for the local papers that I proofread, so that was interesting. I got to interview members of an off-Broadway production of “Cats,” go back to my high school to cover the graduation ceremony, and I went to a press conference regarding the findings of a Grand Jury report concerning the prescription pill problem that’s prevalent here on Long Island.

That’s the kind of thing that I’d like to cover more of, if I could, or if that was my job. It’s wrong to say that I enjoy the subject matter, but it’s right to say that that kind of thing is important. I was emailed the Grand Jury report, all 99 pages of it, and it was pretty interesting. I had no idea 1) how accessible prescription pills are and 2) how much money can be made from their sale and how rapidly.

In the time that I’ve been disregarding this site, I’ve seen Moonrise Kingdom (go see it) with a friend home from LA and went to the beach a couple of times. The water was really warm each time and just rough enough for swimming. At first I burned but then I peeled like an iguana. I’m tan now. I’ve picked up a rather nasty sinus infection and listened to Fiona Apple’s newest album that came out. Anderson Cooper came out too. It’s not my favorite album of hers. I don’t think I have a particular favorite, more so just a selection of certain songs that make you tingle. This one is my favorite, though.

What’s most interesting, however, is that the two months that I’ve been gone, this blog has gotten the steadiest amount of hits ever. It’s all thanks to a post I made back in November about a 1998 news story of a 15-year-old boy who commit suicide in London.

To the best of my understanding, most of these hits are from Europe, where my post was reblogged, but since I don’t speak Czech, I have no idea what the writer was writing about. The comments are interesting if you go back to that post. One person left a serious post, one person said how I got the date wrong, and then another person correction the aforementioned.

Nevertheless, I hope that I haven’t caused some butterfly-effect wave of panic throughout the European off-the-beat-blog world.

Stemming off of that. I’ve been graduated for one year and almost two months. My writing on this blog falls behind because I’m a tiny bit understimulated. Being at home with your parents, with a part time job, looking for a full time one doesn’t really tickle the creative brain.

So if you have something that you think I should write about. Whether you want some commentary, some analysis, or if you want a fake story written, or a review, or you even just want me to write you a letter. Let me know.